Building Connection & Discipleship
Through Small Groups 

Life Labs

We are changing up the small group ministry @ East Ave Church! We have a strong desire for our small group ministry to perform two important functions. Number one: It needs to facilitate discipleship! All of us that are following after Jesus whether we have just begun the journey or we have been working at it for years need to be growing in our spiritual life. This new  small group ministry called Life Labs will be meeting that need. Number two: We want to see community and connection take place in our church. We think the best way to provide points of connection is through this model of ministry.


We're glad you asked!

Each Life Lab will be a sermon based small group. That means that every weekend after our last service there will be material uploaded to the website. This will include a link to the Livestream for anyone who missed it. There will also be a short video summary of the weekend message topic and then some questions. The questions are the homework aspect of the Life Labs. There will be three types of questions. Question one will be a bit about your background and how it relates to the topic, they are getting to know you type questions. The second question will be getting into the Bible, there will be a passage of scripture that we did not read in the message but relates to the topic. The third question will be a life application, it will ask how you are doing implementing you tangible aspect of the message.

We are asking that you take these questions and write down answers ahead of time. Then take the answers to your Life Lab meeting and discuss your answers. If you did not get a chance to write down your answers ahead of time you should still come to your meeting and discuss. Pro-tip: the discussions are better when you come prepared! While these groups will need to start online they will eventually meet in homes around our community. These Life Labs will run for 10 week intervals with breaks between, during the breaks we will do an evaluation. The evaluation will be given to all participants asking for feedback and giving people the opportunity to switch groups, stay with the same group or opt our for the next 10 weeks.

If you have any question please email Sam -  [email protected]
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Small groups help people grow in their faith and build community. Our groups take place throughout the week both at church and also around Chico (in coffee shops and homes), so use this form to find a group that's right for you. We'd love to have you join us!