Church Re-Launch!

Re-Launch - what does that look like?

Following the published guidelines for churches, the sanctuary will be open starting at 10:45AM for folks to come to campus for the 11AM Live Webcast this Sunday! We are implementing the same type of protocols that have allowed restaurants to open, including designated spacing marked out in the sanctuary, hand sanitizing stations, and taking the temp of every volunteer scheduled to serve. We're making sure to be extra careful in order for everyone to feel safe and secure, as well as maintaining our integrity in our community.
If you are uncomfortable, not feeling well or fall into the at-risk categories, please do not come to campus! Our worship services will remain webcast centered for now while we are re-integrating and figuring out how to be good stewards of our ministry, so attending online is still a great choice!

It is our plan to open all three worship services again by next week with some Kids Zone classes, but that is all contingent on how our volunteers are feeling about returning to campus. We are a large volunteer organization that cares for the needs of those who serve, as well as those we serve.

If you feel comfortable serving, we will be needing extra volunteers in our greeting teams, tech teams, and in our children's department. We will also be doing some in-depth training for our volunteers so that we can maintain a high level of safety and cleanliness.
We look forward to being with you online and on campus this weekend!

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