Hospitality Team 2020

As we reopen the sanctuary on the weekends from our sabbatical, you may have noticed us referring to it as a "relaunch" of the church. One reason we are looking at it this way is because we know every volunteer position will need to be filled again! We are a vast volunteer organization. Not everyone will be ready to return to on-campus worship at the same time, so it is vital for those of us who are ready to step up!

In order for us to even to host on-campus services we will need our Hospitality Team in place! Now, many of those who served on this team prior to the interruption are not ready to return. Many of them fall into the at-risk category and will return when they are ready.

That means in order for us to keep the doors open we are asking for others to step up -- even if it is temporary. If you are ready to attend we would love to talk to you about taking a weekend service a month! If you volunteer in a part of the church that is not open yet, try the Hospitality Team until your chosen ministry position opens up.

The Hospitality Team gets to doors open, writes name tags, and hands out coffee (all based upon the number of volunteers). This is all vital to helping others feel welcome and safe. We are staffing 4 volunteers for each of the 3 worship services, meaning we have 52 positions to fill for the Hospitality Team alone!

Wanna Help Out?!

Typically, we schedule folks for one service a month, making four weekend teams. Each team takes one of the four fifth weekends a month, making the commitment 13 services a year. If you want to help out more, we will let you, but that is the typical schedule!

Use the form below to start the process! We will get in touch and answer any questions you may have.

Volunteer Here for the Hospitality Team

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