Updating the Sanctuary

Transforming our space... one piece at a time!

When your sanctuary was built in 1970, eventually the design will go out of style - so yeah, we have some slight updating to do!

We've been working on upgrading and redesigning our worship space, one piece at a time! It started over a year ago with the carpets, and since then we've updating the stage, cameras, and our personal favorite - the lighting!
The most amazing thing about lighting is that it can make or break the look of a space - even an older Sanctuary like ours. We actually really love some of the timeless aspects of our building - the curving wood of the ceiling, the gorgeous stained glass windows lining the room, and the massive rock focal point at the front. But the dark room made all of those cool vintage architectural things look less than stellar.
In comes the new stage lights - our stage is now so bright, and the colors in skin tones looks so much better! And our favorite part is the up-lights behind the band. It completely transforms the stage and gives a ton of depth!

On the live feed, everything now looks great - but live and in person it is spectacular! Join us this weekend to see everything we've been doing to make our space more inviting and exciting!

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