Healed for a Purpose

God has created you and healed you from your most broken, ugly place for a kingdom purpose! This past weekend Pastor Ron spoke from Matthew 8, where Jesus came and healed Peter's mother-in-law simply by touching her hand. Not only was she healed, but she had a renewed sense of purpose and literally popped out of bed and got back to work. Jesus knew she had a job to do, and healed her so that she could complete it!

What have you been healed from? Where in your life has Jesus rescued you, and given you a second chance? It is our job as Christ-followers to get up and share healing and renewed purpose. Those who follow Jesus are told to step away from where we had once laid broken and ill, and to get to work doing what He has called us to do!

In a sick world, your story of hope and healing that only Jesus can bring will transform communities. Pastor Ron's challenge this weekend was to share your redemption story with at least 3 people this week. Who have you shared with so far?

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Jean - June 17th, 2020 at 9:55am

Hi Ron can u pray for me on my trip back to chico.that I get there safely