Church Safety Update!

Things be a-changing, and we're trying to keep up with all of it!

As more and more businesses open and our county/state/country lifts many of the restrictions from the previous phases (and in some ways, totally backtracking... oy!), we're working hard to continue to maintain an ultra-high level of cleanliness as well as to train and update all of our volunteers in the new policies.  Our goal is that as attenders arrive and participate in the services, that they feel Jesus in this place, not simply a heavy scent of alcohol-based cleansers and masks.

And that's the thing, right? Anytime you enter a business or facility of any sort, you make a snap judgement about what you see/hear/smell, and then your entire experience is painted in whatever feeling you have from that first judgement. We've all walked into a fast food restaurant where the tables are greasy and covered in dried ketchup, or where the service is rude or inattentive, and it's made our meal time sour, right? So we feel like the same idea carries over to church - we don't want anyone to be distracted by sights/sounds/smells/etc that will cause them to be so distracted that they can't experience the life transforming message of Jesus!

We continue to need a large volunteer force each weekend to achieve what we believe is a pretty high standard of care for our building and guests who enter it. If you would like to help by partnering with us, we are always accepting and training new volunteers! We currently need quite a bit of help with sanitizing between services, as well as folks who are willing to be on the greeting team. If that sounds like something you'd like to do, please sign up here on our website and the team leaders will contact you for training and scheduling!

We've been asked how we feel about all of it, and truthfully, we don't like wearing masks as much as the rest of you. It's uncomfortable, inconvenient, and brings back some bad memories from the Camp Fire. However, if these inconvenient things are required for the staff so that we can open our doors and welcome in the community to hear about the love of Jesus, we feel that it is a small (and temporary) price to pay! We will do it NOT because we are people that live out of a place of fear, but rather out of respect for those who have compromised health, as well as to maintain our witness in the community as people who value others above ourselves.

Thank you to everyone who has helped, and continue to put in countless man hours that has ensured that we can keep our doors open and provide a place of hope and healing for our community. We are so grateful!

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Cindi Salerno - June 19th, 2020 at 2:42pm

I can volunteer for cleaning for services.