Applied Theology

I did it! I applied my sermon to my life this week! I know what you are thinking, you think that pastors always practice what they preach. They do except for when they don't... Anyway, I am so excited I took my lunch break and met with God out in His office. I took a trip out to explore this awesome park God threw in the middle of Chico and spent some time prayer hiking. It is more than praying that you will not fall off the cliff or twist an ankle. It is hiking while you pour out your heart to God.
So there I was praying through all my existential pain and God met me in this time. I was praying through the concerns that God has laid on my heart. During this time I was able to release those concerns to God and wait on hearing from Him. It followed me as I left. Even as I write this I am learning to trust God more and see him at work in everything.
I have a fun idea, as you have time, take one of the spiritual disciplines I listed in the sermon. Worship, Fasting, Slowing, Silence, Journaling, Study, Solitude, Generosity, Rest, Simplicity, Serving, Fellowship, Enjoying Creation, Communion, Baptism, Work, and Gratitude. After you take time practicing one of these disciplines comment on this blog post about it. This will be a fun way to encourage one another. I cant wait to see all of your stories and experiences of God at work in your life.


Linda Lancaster - June 30th, 2020 at 5:05pm

A few months back I realized I was going to God for help with my big problems. The little problems, not so much. I made a decision that I was going to trust Him in all things. I started to pray a lot more during the day, even over small decisions I had to make. I have felt His hand in my life so much more now that I am learning to trust. About a week ago, I had a dilemma, so I turned it over to Him. My prayer was answered in ten minutes. God was showing off! This has led to more worship of Him and much gratitude. In turn, my faith is strengthened. Thank you Jesus. ❤️

Jeremy Rhodes - June 30th, 2020 at 8:32pm

That’s awesome Linda! Thanks for sharing!