Do we take kids volunteers off the street?

Seems like a dumb question, right? OF COURSE NOT! But as a new parent who is bringing their child into the building for the first time, it can sure feel like that's the case! A guest generally doesn't know anything about the folks working in kiddo classrooms, and it's a HUGE deal that they are considering entrusting a stranger with their most precious thing in the world.
So what do we do to ensure peace of mind for every parent who hands over their child on a weekend? Our policies for volunteers!

Each volunteer in the children's department goes through a fairly rigorous process in order to volunteer. Every single person who would like to work in the Kids Zone must first regularly attend East Ave Church and a part of an adult small group and begin by volunteering elsewhere in the church. After that, they can fill out a several page long volunteer application that is reviewed by our children's director. The children's director then runs a police background check and calls all of the volunteer's references. If the volunteer is clear so far in the process, they come and have a one-on-one chat with the kids director or senior pastor and then are given training and a volunteer schedule.

We take the care of our kiddos VERY seriously, and believe that they are our greatest gifts!
We're not 100% sure about what the future holds as far as how we run our kids department, but we are certain of this - we are committed to serving our children and their parents with the highest level of care, and meeting their spiritual needs! We will continue to find new and exciting ways to reach our youngest members for Jesus!

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