Welcome, Andy!

If you've been paying attention the last weekend, then you've heard the exciting news - we have a new staff member! A huge welcome to Andy Shoemaker, our newest tech guru and Sunday morning wiz kid!
Andy and his wife Sarah (and their awesome little dudes) have lived in Chico for a bit, and are active members in the community. We are so excited to be adding them to our cadre of crazy folks that make this place run - and Andy is only going to make it BETTER!

Andy will be in charge of running Sunday mornings, both on the digital side (hello, better live feeds!) as well as managing the Sanctuary sound and visuals. Andy will also be working on managing the stage and mentoring new musicians and tech folks. Andy is also coming to us with a whole lot of pastor skills, and is an ordained minister with a Masters of Ministry from Point Loma Nazarene University, as well as being a gifted musician with a degree in music performance.

Right now in this social climate we've got going on, we need Andy's unique skill set more than ever. We are thrilled that he is joining us and helping us to reach even more people for Jesus. Make sure that you welcome Andy the next time you see him at church!

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Matthew Foor - August 10th, 2020 at 11:47pm

Welcome Andy!

MAtthew Foor