Tailgate Church!

The past two weeks we've been hosting a covid-approved tailgate church service in our west parking lot by the gym. It's been incredible! A fabulously talented group of guys came and built us a larger stage as well, which really helped elevate the quality of the service.

Giving people the community we all are desperately needing, while still providing a 100% safe space has been our goal, and so far it's worked out really well! The drive-in style church allows those who wish to stay completely distanced from others the opportunity to participate from the comfort (and air conditioning!) of their own vehicle. Tuning into our radio station and streaming all audio that way has been a major success!

And this last weekend, Keith (Bootleg BBQ food truck) made absolutely delicious breakfast burritos, which were available for pre-order on our website HERE. It was such a massive success that we'll be offering them again this coming weekend. Make sure you don't miss it!

Here are some photos of this past weekend's outdoor service!
Did you miss Kimie's sermon? You can watch it here!

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