A Paradise Campus?

On November 8, 2018, a wild fire tore through the communities of Paradise, Magalia and the rest of the Ridge. As it burned down towns and neighborhoods, the fire scattered and separated folks sending them across the nation. Our sister church, the Paradise Community Church of the Nazarene, saw the 38 families of the church follow the same pattern. Although the building still stands, the congregation was compelled to move on.

Now, nearly two years later, the building is still functioning as a re-entry site to Paradise at the corner of Skyway and Neal Road. It has been the location the Paradise Irrigation District has been passing out clean water, and the Hope Center has been helping folks with assistance and counseling services. Thankfully, this campus has been quite integral to the recovery and healing of people of the ridge.

Yet, the dream is for people to also gather on campus again for corporate worship on the weekends. As should be the goal for every church, this place should bring Glory and Honor to God through the praises of His people and be a beacon of hope to the community every day of the week.

The East Ave Church has been given the task to figure out how that can be done. With such close proximity we want to bring folks together to dream about the possibilities and opportunities this brings for those on the Skyway corridor.

The best way for us to do this is by extending the East Ave Church to Paradise as a second campus. This allows us to utilize the resources of the East Ave Church while reaching a whole new community of folks. As much as the East Ave Church has multiple times for worship to accommodate individual family schedules, this would be a way to also accommodate for individual family locations.

Yes, there are a lot of moving parts to this kind of thinking. There are many things to consider. There are teams of people to organize. And there is a campus to refurbish. All of this is going to take some time.

But, where to start? That is a good question! For many reasons we should start with how to even talk about this project (and the ones to come after it). So as we plan for the eventual opening of a worship service in Paradise, we should first talk about how we will talk about it. We cannot call it, "The East Ave Church of Paradise" or the "Paradise East Ave Church" or the "East Ave Church Paradise Campus". There has to be a better way!

That is why we started talking about a bit of rebranding for our humble little church last month. We don't know what that will look like or even how we will make those decisions, but if we are going to be pointing people toward something new coming, we should know what to call it. And we should secure the URL to match. :)

Do you have good ideas about a name for an organization that starts campuses utilizing the resources of an established campus? It should be a name that hints of a driving vision and tells a story. It should define the entire organization, not just a single campus. And again, it has an available website address to boot!

Let us know your best ideas below! Or your worst ideas. Sometimes we have to get those out of the way. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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