Life Lab Preview 3


Have you turned on the news? It seems like conflict chaos surrounds us. Sometimes we can believe the myth that because we follow Christ we are not suppose to experience conflict and chaos.


In Matthew ch 10 Jesus describes the life an apostle will experience. It is not a life of fancy cars, big houses, financial gain and peaceful white sandy beaches but actually persecution and suffering. Jesus describes people who are suppose to have close relationships turning on one another. Jesus is preparing his disciples to experience conflict with the power structures of the day.

We might believe that the absence of chaos around us is a sign of peace. Jesus is inviting us to have peace in the midst of the chaos because he is up to something far bigger. The transformation of human hearts. Jesus brings peace on the inside in a life full of chaos.


We can have peace in the midst of persecution because we know Christ gets the victory in the end.

What does it look like for you to trust Jesus in the midst of persecution and conflict?

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