Hope Commons Book Club

If you find your faith is pushing you to serve your community, you are not alone! The hard part is finding direction. We will be reading some mostly non-religious books together that help us understand the systemic needs of our community. This will open up conversations about how we see our own community of faith making a positive impact on our town.

A Book Club about Serving Others

As part of an effort to help us understand the needs of our community, Pastor Ron is starting a new book club! Ron has compiled a stack of books that shapes the way he thinks about how the church should engage the community we are planted in. These are not books written specifically to a Christian audience, but books that challenge the status quo in each field they address. In order for the church to be useful to our community, we should also be talking about the issues that our community is facing. We will be talking about city planning, childhood adversity, homelessness and the like. We will look for ways together to engage our neighborhoods in fresh ways.

Every book we read together will have an available hard copy, Kindle and Audible version so you can read the way you want to. Some will even have CDs for those folks who just can’t give up their spinning pieces of plastic!

Strong Towns: a bottom-up revolution to rebuild American prosperity

This is not a book on how to pad your 401k! Charles Marohn says that every municipality in America is drowning in financial obligations and implementing good intended ideas that are creating a town that is increasingly unlivable. He says the problem is much worse than you think!
Good news! Marohn has good ideas to turn this around! These ideas are not magic. They are ideas to apply discipline and creativity  back to city government. Marohn is the Dave Ramsey of civil engineers!

Even though we are not trying to become civil engineers ourselves, we will understand the struggles endemic to Chico, and find ways we can serve in our community to move us all forward.

Read the Book

You can borrow or buy a book from Pastor Ron until they are gone! Or you can get your own hard, Kindle or audible copy from the Amazon link below.

Join Us for Dinner and a Panel Discussion

February 20, 5PM | $20 for 2

Read the book and join us for dinner and discussion! We are lining up some folks from the community that are putting these concepts to work in our own neighborhoods.

Dinner for 2 is $20 (yes, bring a friend). Kids will have their own program with dinner. Register today for this event to save your seat in the room. We will also find a way to host this live on the Hope Commons YouTube channel.

Click the Book for the Amazon link to buy.